Associate Professor Phillip Yuile

Associate Professor Yuile is a Consultant Radiation Oncologist with a wealth of experience. He is well known, especially in New South Wales and specifically the Northern Beaches and North Shore areas, as a consummate professional with over three decades of experience in the provision of high quality care to cancer patients. A/Prof Yuile previously has practiced at Royal North Shore, The Mater and Sydney Adventist Hospitals, as well as Concord and Westmead Hospitals where he was Director of Radiation Oncology at The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre. He is still actively involved with teaching programs at the University of Sydney.

A/Prof Yuile and his colleagues were pioneers in the development of one of Sydney’s first breast cancer clinics at the Mater Hospital. Under his leadership at Westmead Hospital, a revolutionary program using the latest technology in radiation oncology was commenced in 2011 with the acquisition of “TrueBeam” Linear Accelerators helping to reduce treatment times for patients undergoing radiation with fewer side effects.

As well as subspecialising in the treatment of breast cancer, A/Prof Yuile spent time in France studying the use of radiation in the management of lower bowel cancer and introduced the new pre-operative treatments into Australia in 1993. His main areas of research included breast, rectal, prostate and brain cancers. In 2011 he published (“The Little Pink Book” – Finch publications) a comprehensive guide for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. This has been immensely helpful in assisting breast cancer patients and their carers to better cope with, and understand the disease as well as the various treatment and support options available.